Naviscore™: What is it?

A New Algorithmic Health‐Risk Assessment Score to Rapidly Quantitate Ultra‐Complex Health Status

A bio‐statistical software program that analyses individual as well as firm wide health risks (employee/employer) enabling

more accurate decision making by individuals, employers and care managers.


Our system:


  • Assigns an objective numerical score to risk, similar to a FICO credit rating
  • Identifies healthcare risks to minimize overall spend
  • Identifies the expensive outliers (Black Swan events) early so underwriters and risk managers can make provisions setting group and individual deductibles




The Ultra‐Complex population

Only 5% of the insured population accounts for ~50% of healthcare costs. We classify these patients as the Ultra‐Complex cases which require intense, frequent and expensive treatments exceeding $500,000 per patient/year.


These cases include:


  • End‐stage kidney disease/ dialysis patients
  • Heart failure patients
  • Late‐stage cancer patients
  • Transplant patients
  • Pre‐term births, etc.



There are detailed datasets on these cases, however, there is a gaping hole in analysis of the Ultra‐Complex population

We develop robust tools to analyze, quantify and predict risk and outcomes on the Ultra‐Complex population.